Block: Address Blocker

The Address Blocker can block checkout when an address or specific components of an address are not allowed according to the rules you define. The functionality is provided on any paid plan with unlimited usage.

How to setup address blocking

You can view our "How to setup" article on setting up the address blocker.

Supported Rules

The following rule types are supported for blocking checkout:

  • Address type: Block PO, USPS Gopost, Diplomatic, and Military
  • Zipcodes: Block specific zipcodes and zipcode ranges.
  • Custom Regex rules: Apply custom regex (regular expressions) on any shipping address field.
  • Ascii characters: Many shipping providers do not support emojis or special characters.
  • Character limits: Require a maximum character limit on any shipping address field.
  • Street numbers: Require a street number on address line 1.

If you require additional rules to be supported, please contact support as we are always looking to expand the rulesets.

Custom rules using regular expressions (Regex)

If you need to block specific address formats, we recommend using our Custom rule which accepts any valid regular expression (regex). You can use a tool like or

Common regex examples:

  • Block Japanese characters: /[一-龠]+|[ぁ-ゔ]+|[ァ-ヴー]+|[々〆〤ヶ]+/u
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