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Checkout Blocks supports showing upsells directly within Shopify's checkout and Shop pay checkout. Currently, there are two types of upsell blocks, the standard checkout upsell and a checkbox upsell.

Standard Checkout Upsells

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For the majority of use cases, the standard checkout upsell block is appropriate. These enable you to upsell one or more products based on the customer's cart. You can set display rules for when upsells become visible and surface products manually, automatically, or using collections.

Main features:

  • Single or multi-product
  • Surface products manually, with product recommendations, and from collections
  • Upsell block disappears after adding product

Tutorial: Getting started with standard upsells

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Checkbox Checkout Upsells

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Checkbox upsells is useful when it's important to keep the upsell block visible after a customer adds the product to their cart. For example, shipping warranty opt-ins, insurance opt-ins, free gifts, or product samples. For many of these, the customer should be able to easily add or remove the product from their cart. Checkbox upsells also support (optionally) adding a product to the cart automatically.

Main features:

  • Auto add products to cart in checkout
  • Upsell block remains visible after adding product

How to toggle between standard and checkbox

Like all Checkout Blocks, you must add a checkout extension within Shopify's checkout editor for a block to appear. The default behavior of the checkout upsell extension is to load standard upsell blocks. If you want to load checkbox upsells, make sure to switch the type:

Tutorial: Getting started with checkbox upsells

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Common questions

I'd like to customize the design

At this time, we don't offer design customization for the checkbox upsell block. We are collecting feedback which will inform which design settings to include in an upcoming update.

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