Show custom fields on order packing slip

Checkout Blocks enables your store to collect customer data using a custom fields block and save that data to either an order metafield or order attribute. This article will detail how to surface the data within Shopify's native order packing slip under Settings > Shipping and delivery > Edit packing slip template.

Order metafield

If you are saving the custom field as an order metafield, use the following code snippet while replacing key with your custom field's key:

{{ order.metafields.checkoutblocks.key }}

This will then show the value within the order slip such as a PO number:

Conditionally Show Custom Field

If you want to conditionally show the data, you can surround the content with a simple Liquid if, for example when showing a purchase order number. Replace .po with your custom field's key such as .agree_to_terms:

{% if order.metafields.checkoutblocks.po %}

PO #{{ order.metafields.checkoutblocks.po }}

{% endif %}

Order attribute

⛔️ At this time, the Shopify order packing slip does not support order attributes. For any data that should appear on a packing slip, ensure you are saving to an order metafield.

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