Customization: Payment methods

Checkout Blocks enables a number of customizations to payment methods powered by Shopify Functions. You can have up to 5 payment customizations active at once on your store. We currently offer three types of payment customizations:

  • Rename payment method: This allows renaming a payment method differently from the default name. It only works on payment methods that do not have a logo such as Cash on Delivery, etc. Currently, you can not conditionally rename payment methods using Checkout Blocks.
  • Reorder payment method: This allows for reordering payment methods. It's often used to change the default selected payment method since Shopify automatically selects the first payment method. Currently, you can not conditionally rename payment methods using Checkout Blocks but we are interested to hear more if you'd like to conditionally reorder.
  • Hide payment method: This allows for conditionally hiding payment methods based on a number of cart rules such as minimum spend, shipping destination, customer tag, or product collection.

Creating a payment customizations

To create a payment customization, navigate to Settings > Payments and scroll down to customizations. You will then be able to create a new customization and choose any payment customization available such as rename or reorder payment methods. Upon creating a payment customization, it's disabled. To enable, simply click the green Activate button. If you have a problem enabling your payment customization, check that you don't already have 5 enabled (Shopify limit).


Tutorial: Renaming payment methods

Tutorial: Hiding payment methods

Supported Rules

The following rules are supported on "hide payment method" customization. Submit a ticket if you require a specific rule not listed.

  • Cart subtotal: Includes support for multi-currency.
  • Cart total: Includes support for multi-currency.
  • Company
  • Customer is B2B
  • Customer is logged in
  • Customer order count
  • Customer lifetime spend
  • Customer email
  • Customer tags
  • Product collection
  • Product is gift card
  • Product tags
  • Product type
  • Product vendor
  • Shipping country
  • Shipping province


Does payment customizations work on legacy checkout (checkout.liquid)?

No. Your checkout must be compatible with checkout extensibility in order to leverage payment customizations.

What if I don't see my payment method in the dropdown?

Please reach out to customer support and they can get the payment method added. You are also able to type in any payment method name beyond the provided list.

What if I don't see a specific rule for hiding one of my payment methods?

Please reach out to customer support and we will consider adding that rule.

Can we hide accelerated payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc)?

At this time, Shopify does not support hiding accelerated payments.

What happens to payment customizations when cancelling a paid plan?

All customizations including payment customizations are disabled upon cancelling a paid subscription plan.

What happens to payment customizations when uninstalling?

All customizations are automatically disabled and then removed from your store by Shopify.

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