Tag orders based on address validation

At this time, we don't directly support sending email notifications for any order placed with an invalid address. However, you can leverage Shopify Flow to create a workflow that emails someone on your team anytime an order is placed with an invalid address.

How to setup Shopify Flow to tag orders with address validation status

1. Within the Checkout Editor, select the Address Validation app and set  Add validation status as cart attribute to true:

2. Download this example Shopify Flow workflow to use as a starting point: Address-Verification.flow

3. Import the exported workflow file directly into Shopify Flow.

4. You can modify the workflow as needed. By default it's configured to tag orders on creation with address-verified when address validation passed or address-unverified

if the address was not validated (potentially due to a spelling mistake). You can modify the order tags within the workflow if you'd like to rename them. Other common actions include:

  • Emailing someone on your team
  • Holding fulfillments for the order

If you have trouble implementing the Shopify Flow, just reach out directly to support.

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