Billing Faqs

Address validation is handled by a 3rd party which charges for each validation request. As a result, ShipID billing is handled per address lookup. This means some orders may result in multiple address validations while some address validations may not result in an order (drop-off during checkout). 


We charge $0.02 per address validation and utilize a credit billing model. On install, you are provided with 50 free address validations. Once the 50 free validations are exhausted, you must purchase additional credits in increments of 1,000 ($20). If all credits are exhausted, address validation will not happen in checkout and orders will no longer be validated for accuracy. Additionally, if you are blocking specific address types, those address types will no longer be blocked as we must use our 3rd party to determine.

Adding more credits

You can add more address validation credits directly within ShipID. Up to $10,000 worth of credit (500,000 address validation) can be added at a time. 

It's important to note that you are responsible for adding additional credit as it's depleted in order for address validation to continue. We are working on recurring subscription plans to ensure you never run out of usage.


Due to the fact that we are charged for every address validation, we are unable to provide refunds for credit that has already been used. We can offer a prorated refund for any remaining credit balances upon request.

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