Rule: Metafield Trigger

You can easily show blocks based on a pre-defined metafield that Checkout Blocks supports using the following metafield configuration:

Namespace checkoutblocks
Key trigger
Type Single line text
Supported resources Company, Customer, Product

Then simply select the associated metafield rule on a particular block:

Product metafield trigger

How to trigger a block based on product metafield

You can easily trigger a checkout block based on a product metafield. The one caveat is that at this time, the metafield must be using the namespace: checkoutblocks and the key: trigger.

1. First, navigate to a product within your Shopify admin. At the bottom of the page you will see a metafield section with the "Checkout Blocks Rule Trigger" pinned. 

2. Add a value:

3. Add the "Product metafield" rule to a checkout block with the same value:

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